Lambeth Working Apprenticeships

Our specialist Apprenticeships Team is available to explain the benefits of apprentices to any organisation, both within and outside the borough, and to advise you how best to go about employing one.

Apprenticeships are good for your business and good for young people. Lambeth Council is also putting this into practice and has recruited apprentices to a variety of roles across the organisation, including business administration, legal services, and health and social care.  

Good for your business

  • We support you from the very beginning, helping set up your job description, choosing a training package (framework) and recommending a quality training provider.
  • We keep up to date with the financial support you can access by hiring an apprentice, and we make sure your business is getting the most help it can.
  • We have excellent reach across Lambeth, so when it comes to recruitment, you can be sure the widest range of local young people are seeing your vacancy.
  • We can also run your shortlisting process, ensuring that you don’t get bogged down in hundreds of irrelevant applications, and that when you interview, you’re only interviewing candidates who clearly meet your expectations.

Good for young people

We work with partners across Lambeth and beyond to ensure that:

  • young people interested in apprenticeships receive the most support possible,
  • helping them to become more employable,
  • informing them about different sectors and jobs, and
  • supporting them to apply for our vacancies and those of partners.

Young people get massive benefits from apprenticeships, learning skills which carry their career forward without the financial burden of university.